Virginia History Series (A non-profit activity devoted to the collection, organization, presentation and dissemination of information about Virginia State History)
Virginia History Series 
Virginia History Series (VHS) is a collection of  historical information about the state of Virginia and the accomplishments of Virginians organized in the context of United States History from the earliest inhabitation (i.e., American Indians) to the present day.
These materials are recommended especially for use in the study of basic Virginia State History (e.g., VA Studies), Virginia in United States History (e.g., US/VA History), or a more comprehensive study of Virginia State History (e.g., at the College level).
The Series Includes: (click on title to save *.pdf presentation file)
Part I
#1 Indians in Virginia (Pre-history to 1600
with Notes on Historic Tribes)
#2 Spanish Exploration in No. America and Settlements from Florida
to Virginia (1492-1763)
#3 French & Timucuan Indians in Florida (1562-1568)
#4 Roanoke Voyages and Sir Walter Raleigh’s “Virginia” (1584-1603)

Part II
#5 English Settlements in Virginia (1584-1699)
#6Life, Growth, and Development of the Virginia Colony (1700-1759)
#7 Virginia Becomes a State; States Become a Nation (1760-1800)
#8Virginia’s 7 Signers of the Declaration of Independence

Part III
#9 Virginia Antebellum (1800-1860)
#10 Virginia RR Building (1827-1860)
#11Early History of Thoroughbred Horses in Virginia (1730-1865)
#12 Servitude & Slavery in Antebellum Virginia (1800-1860)
Part IV
#13 Civil War in Virginia (1861-1865)
#14 Reconstruction to 1900
#15. 20th Century (1900s to end of WWII – in three parts)
15a. 20th Century (1900-1920)
15b. 20th Century (1921-1940)
15c. 20th Century – WWII (1941-1945)
#16 After WWII (1946 to Present-day)
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