Historical Hall of Fame:  George Harrison Sanford King (1914-1985) was a native and lifelong resident of Fredericksburg who served as a national corresponding genealogist for research on Virginia ancestors/families.
Virginia History Series 
George Harrison Sanford King (1914-1985), a native and lifelong resident of Fredericksburg, began his genealogical searches at an early age. Soon after graduation from high school he could be found in libraries, archives, and clerks' officies extracting from their holdings factual evidence to substantiate and prove family lineages, particularly in the Northern Neck of Virginia and adjacent areas.  In 1935, he graduated with a degree in Chemisty from Virginia Tech.
Throughout his life, his services were in great demand not only as a genealogist but as a consultant on local history matters; he corresponded with people from all over the United States. The bulk of his papers, consisting of approximately 125,000 pieces, was generated as a result of this activity. While he lived, he was considered Virginia's premier genealogist. A number of books and articles issued from the presses under his name.
He was active as a member and officer in many history-related and patriotic organizations including: Order of the Crown, Order of the First Families of Virginia, American Society of Genealogists (elected as a "fellow" in 1947 and served as its national President), and the James Monroe Memorial Foundation.  He also  held several appointive local officies in these organizations.
His "papers" are held in the Virginia Historical Society at Richmond, Virginia and contain references/information on many Virginia ancestors/families.  [Reference there is: "GEORGE HARRISON SANFORD KING (1914-1985) Papers, ca. 1930-1985  MsslK5823aFA1".]
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