Content Overview
Virginia History Series 
Virginia History Series is a series of 18 presentations (powerpoint -- *.ppt or adobe slides -- *.pdf) and supporting materials about Virginia’s history that illustrate major contributions of Virginians to the agricultural, industrial, political, and cultural history of America.
Each presentation focuses on a specific topic or set of historical events that occurred during a period of Virginia’s history from its “Pre-history” to its “discovery” and settlement as an English Colony in the 17 th Century, thru the Civil War, up until the Present-day.
For each unit, learning materials include: Slide topic outline, suggested learning assignments, viewers’ study-guide, cross-word puzzle(s), quiz, pictures, references, and answer keys.
End of Part tests are available for each part; and, other supplementary learning activities are included for all units.
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Correlations with Virginia State History Goals/Skills:
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