Virginia History Series: Part I

#1 Indians in Virginia (Pre-history to 1600
with Notes on Historic Tribes)
Unit 1. Presentations:
     Indians of Virginia (Powerpoint version)
     Indians of Virginia (PDF version)
Unit 1. Student Response Sheet
     Indians of Virginia -- ResponseSheet.wo answers.form.pdf (117.855 Kb)

Unit 1. Cross-word Puzzle #1
     Crossword Indians of Virginia.1.wo answers.form.pdf (62.808 Kb)

Unit 1. Student Activities:

     First People Scavenger Hunt.wo answers.form.pdf (637.857 Kb)
     Ice Age Discoveries.New Evidence.avi (151.345 Mb)
     Ice Age Discoveries.New Evidence. Viewing Guide wo.answers.form.pdf (726.538 Kb)
     Processing the ARK,student worksheet wo.ans.form.pdf (170.208 Kb)
     The ARK pic & txt.pdf (4.553 Mb)

Unit 1. Extra Credit Assignments -- Optional
     Ice Age Discoveries.The Investigators.avi (171.458 Mb)
     Ice Age Discoveries.The Investigators.Viewing Guide wo.answers.form.pdf (714.405 Kb)
     NativeAmericans .ppt (2.953 Mb)
     VA Studies Game Geography & Indians of VA.ppt (1,001 Kb)
_________1.2 View Time Team America "Topper, SC"  Write Report

Unit 1. Quiz
     Indians of Virginia -- Unit Quiz.wo answers.form.pdf (47.582 Kb)
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