Virginia History Series Part II: #8 Virginia’s 7 Signers of the Declaration of Independence
Unit 8. Presentations:
     Va's Seven Signers (Powerpoint Version)
     Virginia Signers.Presentation.Slides.pdf (2.939 Mb)
Unit 8. Study Guide
     Va's Seven Signers.ResponseSheet.wo ans.form.pdf (217.963 Kb)
Unit 8. Cross-word Puzzle
     CrossWord VA's 7 Signers. wo ans.form.pdf (48.397 Kb)
Unit 8. Student Activities
___________ View Video “Thomas Jefferson” (A Ken Burns Film – in 2 Parts)/Write Report     with Presentation or Video Report.form.pdf (133.9 Kb)

Unit 8. Extra Credit Assignments (Optional)
     None at this time
Unit 8. Quiz
    VA's Seven Signers -- Unit Quiz wo.answers.form.pdf (41.738 Kb)
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