Virginia History Series 
Historical Hall of Fame:  Captain John Smith (January 1580 June 1631) known as the "Admiral of New England" he was anEnglish soldier, explorer, and author.

     Smith is remembered for his role in establishing the first permanent English settlement in North America at Jamestown, Virginia, and his brief association with the Virginia Indian girl Pocahontas during an altercation with the Powhatan Confederacy and her father, Chief Powhatan. He was a leader of the Virginia Colony (based at Jamestown) between September 1608 and August 1609, and led an exploration along the rivers of Virginia and the Chesapeake Bay.

Smith's books and maps may have been as important as his deeds, as they encouraged more Englishmen and women to follow the trail he had blazed and to colonise the New World. He gave the name New England to that region and encouraged people to migrate with the comment, "Here every man may be master and owner of his owne labour and land...If he have nothing but his hands, he industrie quickly grow rich."              Written Works by Captain Smith:

      The True Travels, Adventures, and Observations of Captaine John Smith in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America... from 1593 to 1629 published in London, 1630
       "A Description of New England (with map), which he so named, based on his voyage in 1614
       "A True Relation," etc., London, 1608.
      "A Map of Virginia, Description and Appendix," Oxford, 1612.
      "New England's Trials," etc., London, 1620. Second edition, enlarged, 1622
      "The Generall Historie of Virginia, New England, and the Summer Isles,", London, 1624. Reissued, with date of title-page altered, in 1626, 1627, and twice in 1632.
       "An Accidence: or, The Pathway to Experience," etc., London, 1626.
       "A Sea Grammar," etc., London, 1627. Also editions in 1653 and 1699.
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(above) "Generall Historie of Virginia"
(right) Smith's Map of New England in his "Description of New England" of 1616