Virginia History Series 
Historical Hall of Fame:  William C. Davis (b.1946) is a prolific author and leading expert on the American Civil War.

William C. Davis is a professor of history at Virginia Tech University. An expert on the American Civil War, Davis has twice been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.

He has written more than forty books on the American Civil War and other aspects ofSouthern history. He was twice nominated for a Pulitzer Prize,for Battle of Bull Run and Breckinridge: Statesman, Soldier, Symbol. His work on the Confederacy has also earned him a Jefferson Davis Award and the Jules F. Landry Award for Southern history.

Davis's expertise on Southern history has made him a valued consultant, both for newspaper articles as well as television productions, including the Arts & Entertainment Network/History Channel series "Civil War Journal". He also served as a consultant for the creation of a United States postage stamp of Jefferson Davis and has had input into the formation of the Museum of the Civil War in Petersburg, Virginia.

Davis holds a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts from Sonoma State University. He was awarded the Sonoma State University Distinguished Alumni Award in 1993. He is a past president of the National Historical Society.

In 2000, he became a professor at Virginia Tech, where he also serves as director of programs for the Virginia Center for Civil War Studies.

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