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Historical Hall of Fame:  Richard W. Stephenson (b.1930) is a bibliographer, cartographer, and author of books about the maps of Virginia
Richard W. Stephenson worked for many years at the Library of Congress in their Geographic & Map Section where he authored several comprehensive bibliographies from their extensive map collections.
Mr. Stephenson authored two, fully illustrated, major works that provide access to maps of Virginia -- including:  The Cartography of Northern Virginia and Virginia in Maps.
Richard is an expert in maps of the Civil War period; and, has prepared very useful bibliographies of both Union and Confederate map-making of that period.
At present, Richard W. Stephenson resides in Winchester, Virginia and is still engaged in several projects where his cartographic expertise is invaluable.
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Publications by
Richard W.  Stephenson:
Map Collections in the United States and Canada 

Virginia in Maps: Four Centuries of Settlement, Growth, and Development by Library of Virginia (Jun 30, 2000)
Land Ownership Maps: A Checklist of Nineteenth Century County Maps In The Library of Congress  (1967)
Civil War Maps an Annotated List of Maps and Atlases in Map Collections of the Library of Congress (1961)

The Cartography of Northern Virginia Facsimile Reproduction of Maps Dating From 1608 to 1915 (Jan 1, 1983)