Historical Hall of Fame:  Peter Wallenstein (b. ____) is an author and professor of History at Virginia Tech.
Virginia History Series 
Peter Wallenstein is an author and professor of History at Virginia Tech. He specializes in History of the U.S. South, Virginia, civil rights, and higher education. He is currently researching in the areas of Segregation, Desegregation, and the University of North Carolina. Wallenstein received a Bachelors Degree in History from Columbia University in 1966 and a Doctorate in History from Johns Hopkins University in 1973.
Wallenstein has received numerous awards for teaching. He received the Virginia Tech Diggs Teaching Scholar Award for 2005–06 for his work with undergraduates on research projects. He was also named to the Organization of American Historians’ Distinguished Lectureship Program (2005). He received Hughes the Gossett Prize from the Supreme Court Historical Society for the best article published in the Journal of Supreme Court History in 2004, for “To Sit or Not to Sit: The Supreme Court of the United States and the Civil Rights Movement in the Upper South.” In 2004, he received the Sturm Award for Excellence in Faculty Research, from the Virginia Tech chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, for his books, Tell the Court I Love My Wife (2002) and Blue Laws and Black Codes. He also received the 2004 Scholar Award in History, from the Virginia Social Science Association.
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