Historical Hall of Fame:  Ben C. McCary (1901-1995) was an archaeologist, college professor, and collector of Indian artifacts from Virginia and throughout the United States.
Virginia History Series
Dr. Ben C. McCary was born in Alberene, Virginia on February 19, 1901. He passed away on Dec. 4, 1995.
Ben grew up in rural Albemarle, attended Scottsville HS, and graduated from the University of Richmond.  Thereafter, he became Principal of Critz HS and later studied in France receiving a Doctorah d'Universite from the Univ. of Toulouse.  Returing to the USA,  he taught at the Univ. of Richmond and in 1930 joined the faculty at William and Mary College where he remained for the next 40 years.
McCary was a founding member of the Archaeological Society of Virginia and a longtime student of Virginia Indians, their history and the tools they left behind.  During his lifetime, Dr. McCary assembled one of the largest collections of Indian Relics in Virginia and one of the largest collections of Clovis and Clovis-like points in America.
In 1980, he was elected to the Hall of Fame of the Virginia Archeological Society.  And, in 1990, Dr. McCary received the "Crabtree Award" from the Society of American Archaeology  in recognition of 50 years of dedicated service, research, and publication on the archaeology of Virginia and the Paleo-Indian era in the Eastern United States.
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Dr. McCary above right in academic garb
A survey of the occurrence of fluted points in Virginia, begun by Dr. McCary  in 1947, led to his discovery of a Paleo-Indian work-shop site in Dinwiddie County, Virginia, on the farm of J. S. and J. E. Williamson. The "Williamson" site lies on a broad flat ridge and covers approximately fifty acres.
The collection of Indian Artifacts owned by the late archaeologist, Dr. Ben C. McCary, was the largest ever private collection of Indian Artifacts from Virginia, with over 300 Clovis, Cumberland and Folsom Points.
Southern Indian Studies, Vol. 6 (1954)