Historical Hall of Fame:  John Frederick Fausz (b. 1947) is a noted Historian, Author, and Educator.
Virginia History Series
"Fred" Fausz (Ph.D., William and Mary --  where his dissertation on the 1622 Powhatan Uprising has long been considered the standard interpretation of the subject) is a history professor and former honors college dean at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, where he specializes in Colonial American ethnohistory and fur trade frontiers. Two of his many essays have won "best article of the year" awards from historical societies in Virginia and Missouri.
Fred is an accomplished scholar of early American History. His areas of active research range from Jamestown in 1607, to Lewis & Clark in 1807.  He took a very active role as writer and lecturer during the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial and the Jamestown Quadricentennial. One of his many articles was cited in the May 7 “America at 400” issue of Time Magazine.
In 2007, Dr. J. Frederick Fausz received the Missouri Governor's Humanities Award in Community Heritage from the Missouri Humanities Council.  [The Community Heritage Award recognizes a person who has made a special contribution to a community’s understanding of its heritage.]
In 2009, Dr. Fausz was elected president of The Center for French Colonial Studies and is working on a book about  the 1622 Virginia Massacre.
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Works in Print by Dr. Fausz:
2011 Founding St. Louis: First City of the New West (Charleston: The History Press).
2010 The Day Kikotan Became Hampton: England’s First Indian War, 1609-1614 (60-page booklet, Hampton: The Port Hampton Press).
1990 Monument School of the People: A Sesquicentennial History of St.
Mary’s College of Maryland, 1840-1990 (St. Mary’s College Press
1986 Assistant Editor, The Complete Works of Captain John Smith, 3 vols.,
ed. Philip L. Barbour (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press for the
Institute of Early American History and Culture, Williamsburg).
1977 The Powhatan Uprising of 1622: A Historical Study of Ethnocentrism and Cultural Conflict, 2 vols.