Historical Hall of Fame: Samuel Kercheval (1767-1845) was a community historian who wrote about the Valley of Virginia.
Virginia History Series
"Samuel Kercheval (March 1767, Frederick County, Virginia 14 November 1845, Middletown, Virginia) was a Virginia lawyer and author.
His A History of the Valley of Virginia (1st edition, 1833) provides important primary information on the earliest white settlements of the Shenandoah Valley and South Branch Potomac River and their encounters with local Indians. His Valley of Virginia was so popular that the first edition was soon exhausted. He died before the second edition came out.
Kercheval married Susannah Chinn on 23 September 1787; and, lived at the time of his death at "Harmony Hall" between Strasburg and Middletown." (Quote from Wikipedia)
Kercheval corresponded with Thomas Jefferson who shared his view that Constitutions should be ammendable (see Jefferson's words quoted on his Memorial wall in Washington, DC from a letter to Kercheval from Jefferson)
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Quote on the wall in the Jefferson